Thursday, 8 October 2015

Vacation 2015 - Day 8: Relaxation!

After a very hot trip to Venice, we stayed in Camping Oasis the next day (we may have taken a trip into Sottomarian to buy som food, but that's all).

Here, Lea is taking a soda break from eating wonderful sun-ripe grapes. As you can see, she has been in either the ocean or the pool.

My wife also ejoyed the shadow, and some fridge-cooled water.

My ever-creative eldest offspring was drawing (when she was not reading or frolicking in the pool).

Of course, we also planned what to see next, and the consensus fell on Pisa, and in particular the famous leaning tower.

So, my next post about our stay in Italy will be about a full day's trip from Sottomarina to Pisa, and back.

I have a plethora of photos to edit, first, so a few days will most likely expire (and we are also going to London  on a 5-days trip soon, so I may not get around to do something about it, right away).

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