Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Nope, not a post about Americans in WWII, sorry.

Heavy winds today, and look what I could bring in from the back garden just by covering a few square meters behind the house:

One of the next days, I shall do a more extended search of the grounds in the hazel grove.


  1. So, do you have a vodka tree as well as the nut tree :-) ?

    1. Haha, no, I use vodka to make what we here in Denmark call 'spicey schnapps' (kryddersnaps or bjesk); in short, it is letting fruits or herbs (or even tree bark - everything that grows and is not poisonous), draw on alcohol thet has no other aromatic additives, to obtain aquavits with all kinds of flavours.

      Two of the bottles here have been re-purposed for holding the filtered sediments from a couple of batches of fermented mead which I've just siphoned into the large glass containers (the proper term has eluded me, again) for long-time settling.