Thursday, 4 July 2019

3D-Printed: Insert for Pallet Tank Top Inlet Spigot

My wife recently purchased a second hand pallet tank (1000 l) for collecting and storing rain water and use it for watering the garden.

However, it seems impossible to find some kind of 'adapter' for drain pipes to fit the top spigot. The only thing close to it has exactly the same diameter as the spigot, and thus does not fit either on the outside or the inside of the spigot.

Argonor and 123D Design to the rescue, and after a couple of tests, I have now printed an insert that will allow us to have the drainpipe going straight into the pallet tank without risk of getting leaves and other filth into the tank, cluttering the tap.

The pallet tank spigot

With the insert... inserted.

And with the piece of drainpipe inserted - in the background you can see the downspout which is to be connected to the tank

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